Drunk in love is one thing -- but umm is Vin Diesel drunk and Facebooking?

Taking a page from the Taylor Swift School of Dance, the action star showed off his moves when he posted a sort of bizarre, sort of hilarious, all sorts of awkward 7-minute, 29-second long video on his Facebook page of himself dancing and lip syncing and to both Katy Perry's hit "Dark Horse" and Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." Who knew he was such a fan of pop divas?!

There's over seven minutes of Vin posing and moving for the camera -- which means this is pretty much the most epic selfie of all time!

Vin looks totally sober -- and yet we are perplexed by both his "moves" and his desire to share this awkward clip with millions upon millions of people. But at least we get to see some of 46-year-old's patented moves. Our personal favorites are: "The Awkward Hunched Over Running Man," "The Awkward Pumping Up the Basketball," "The Awkward Robot Surfboard," "The Awkward Snip Snap, Double Clap," "The Awkward White Guy Head Bop," "The Awkward White Guy Sway," "The Awkward Twirl to You Fall Over," "The Awkward Lick the Camera," "The Awkward Picking Up the Loose Change" and the "OHMYGOD VIN DIESEL STOP DANCING AROUND BY YOURSELF, IT'S REALLY AWKWARD AND YOU ARE MAKING US UNCOMFORTABLE."

Along with the dance-tastic post, Vin wrote the caption, "You know I love music ..." The only thing it looks like buff star loves more than music is videos of himself dancing to music!

Midway through the vid, the "Fast and the Furious" star stops his dance party for one to share a heartfelt message with his 63 million Facebook fans: "Guys, I'm excited, I'm happy. Universal just called me and said Riddick is number one on the DVD charts." He continued, "It's a win for all of us. Really really want to thank you so much…" adding, "Of course Universal said they want to develop the next one." Way to multi-task! We applaud Vin's ability to combine lip syncing and self-promotion together to make one killer vid!

Vinny, while we love a free spirit, we aren't sure that lip syncing to Beyonce and Katy Perry probably the best way to squash those gay rumors -- but whatever your floats your boat! It definitely looks like you are having fun!