West Hollywood dinner

Sure, she's on the petite side, but Emma Roberts' pink diamond engagement ring from fiance Evan Peters is practically falling off of her finger! It's not Kim Kardashian huge, but various estimates put the rock in the 2-3 carat range, so it's a pretty sizable gem...

Emma showed off her gorgeous ring in West Hollywood last night after dining with some pals, and the notoriously poked-faced starlet looked like she was in a pretty good mood when X17 photographers snapped her heading home.

The 22-year-old American Horror Story: Coven co-stars got engaged over the holidays (they've survived a physical altercation and about a year and a half of dating), but she recently revealed that it wasn't exactly love at first sight.

The two first met on the set of Adult World in 2012, and Roberts told Chelsea Handler last week, "Everyone thought we dated on the movie and we didn't, not for a long time after. I actually, on the set, was like, 'Oh yeah, we're totally gonna date.' And I would try to like flirt with him, which ended up looking like I had something in my eye because I'd be like, 'Hey, what's up?' And he literally didn't speak to me the entire movie. He thought I was so weird ... I was not exactly looking cute to get a man! So, we ended up dating way, way later."

Funny how things end up working out!