bare no makeup Katy Perry tesla concert perform wotkout sunglasses no make up

On Thursday afternoon a makeup-free Katy Perry hit the gym in Los Angeles, and we caught the 29-year-old pop princess having quite an animated conversation with a pal before hopping in a brand new Tesla.

"When trying to up your serotonin on the treadmill do NOT watch Rich Kids of Beverly Hills," Katy tweeted after her workout. "You will feel sadder than when you started.

In other news, GQ published a few more excerpts from their chat with Perry yesterday, and she dished on beau John Mayer, personal hygiene and how she doesn't care about Instagram. Always a good time!

On her love life:
    "The wonderful thing about dating a musician is that they understand the shoes I'm walking in. When both of your first love is music, there's so much that you just don't have to explain. You can save your energy."

On the public's addiction to technology:
    "Why don't you just try and lay still for 10 minutes while facing upwards, without something in front of you that glows? There's too much self-importance in this world. God knows, I hate an entitled bitch. Like, when people say, 'You didn't see my Instagram?' No, I didn't see your Instagram. I'm doing something else. I'm living my own life. Send it to me if you want me to see it."

On her hygiene habits:
    "I'm like Howard Hughes. I use baby wipes. I brush my teeth. I shower on the daily. I'm very, very clean."