Tuesday at the X17online offices started like any other -- I had written about Kim Kardashian's massive butt, yet again chatted with my coworkers about Justin Bieber's sizzurp-tastic meltdown, and written about the death of 1930s film icon. All in all: it was a typical day in celeb news. However as my work day was coming to a close, that rapscallion Shia LaBeouf sent Los Angeles (and my office) aflame when news hit that he put up art installation in which he was apparently in a store front in West Hollywood, letting people in one at a time to speak to him.

Being the plucky X17online writer that I am (and because I LOVE a good story), I offered my services and said I would be willing to check out this sure-to-be sh*t show.

All I knew was this: a man who may or may not be Shia LaBeouf (because was wearing a paper bag on his head that said, "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE") was sitting at a table, palms down, in an empty room -- and allowing people in until 6 pm today (and every day until Sunday) to laugh at him, berate him, hug him -- whatever, in an apparent attempt to apologize for his past actions (i.e. plagiarism, Twitter rants, etc ...). Umm ... what?! How could I pass this up?! It was too weird to miss!

I drove to the storefront and got into the line that was about 20 people strong at that point. As I stood among a sea (or small lake, rather) of strangers, I talked to people who had gone in and those who were waiting their turn. The overwhelming response from those who had gone in was this: "That was so weird!" The majority of the bystanders seemed to be other bloggers, tourists and the occasional older, confused person who just seemed like he or she wanted to see what the cool kids were up to.

As more and more media and camera crews showed up and started filming the scene, I stood in line and thought of my appearance, concerned that I wasn't wearing my most capable looking outfit and that I had left the house without any eyeliner (a rookie mistake).

While waiting, people talked about what they were going to say. One girl put on bright red lipstick so she could kiss him (but got too scared to do it when the time came) another girl wanted to give him her phone number (she did), one guy just wanted to get the hell out of there but had to stay because of work. I joked with some of the members of the media, who were former coworkers of mine, that I was there because I needed a boyfriend ASAP since Valentine's Day is coming up. A few people laughed. I was confident in my joke-riddled plan to ask Shia to be my Valentine.

This wasn't a serious thing -- so I wasn't going to take it seriously. Security had warned me I could not record anything and that no photos were allowed -- I told them that's fine -- since Shia and I were going to fall in love, so I would eventually be able to get all the photos I wanted of him.

After what felt like an eternity (okay an hour and a half), it was finally my turn. By this time I had a paper bag over my head on which I had crudely written, "I WAS NEVER FAMOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE." If he wasn't going to show his face -- neither was I. Before stepping into the office, I, paper bag on head, turned to the crowd and yelled, "I am doing it!" They cheered back. This was going to be hilarious!

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