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Someone's in a friendly mood despite being a single lady! Cue Beyonce and the leotard-clad back-up dancers!

While we used to spot her out running errands with her legal assistant boyfriend David Lucado, Britney Spears has been flying solo as of late -- because the popstar is once again single. She may be a world-famous superstar, but the twice-married singer certainly isn't lucky in love.

Today, the sultry entertainer showed off her gams while leaving Sprouts grocery store in Calabasas, Calif. The mom-of-two was aided by her bodyguard for the afternoon of errands -- a role that David used to dutifully play.

Despite the break up -- the sunny star looks like she doesn't have a care in the world. When you are Britney Spears -- you don't need a man! But maybe next time she puts her toes in the dating pool, she could step up her game to date someone of her caliber -- maybe a full-fledged lawyer or some sort of truck driver.

A source tells x17online that the couple has been broken up for a bit. "Britney and David split a while ago. Britney's been focusing on her boys after the break up," said the source.

Yesterday, the "Toxic" star tweeted a pic with her two sons with the caption, "What's up summer!!! Where are my sunglasses when I need them? Lol." David was noticeably absent from the family photo.

Despite the break up being amicable, the source added that 32-year-old was seeking solace in her boys. Britney hasn't issued an official statement about the reason behind the break up, but it's possible that her Las Vegas residency proved too much for the couple.

It looks like the sexy lady has been hitting the gym as of late, throwing herself into work-out mode after the break up. Recently, the gorgeous gal has been strutting her stuff all over town, showing off her gams in short shorts and tiny dresses.

Keep it up BritBrit!