kendall-kylie-club-denied.jpghollywood tyga kendall jenner kylie jenner maybach

How embarrassing! Then again, we would hope most establishments in Hollywood would turn away TEENAGERS from their door, so why on earth would 16-year-old Kylie and 18-year-old Kendall Jenner think that the would be the exception to the rule?

On Tuesday night the Jenner sisters went to the recording studio with Tyga, and after that the trio left around 12:45am and went to Emerson Theatre in Hollywood, which isn't a theater -- it's a nightclub. Kendall and Kylie were denied entrance because they're both under 21, but rather than going back to bed, the girls waited in the backseat of Tyga's Maybach until 2am! Shockingly, neither of the underage reality starlets tweeted or Instagram'd anything about last night. Well, not yet!

Guess school's out for summer! Oh wait...