Geez we would never have been able to guess!

Britney Spears headed to a business meeting this morning in L.A., and the singer wore a sweatshirt that read "I'm Allergic To Mornings". We can tell! From the messy hair to the smudged black eyeliner, Brit Brit doesn't seem like the type of person who is an early riser!

The pop princess would probably have preferred to be in bed rather than working, but she just announced she's coming out with a lingerie line, so there's probably a lot of tasks to attend to! "Coming very soon… The Intimate Collection, by yours truly. Just a peek at what's to come. xo," she tweeted this morning. The line will be available in the U.S. on September 9 and in the U.K. on September 26.

We wonder if she modeled some of the samples for boyfriend David Lucado?