Halle Berry proudly propped up her baby boy Maceo, on Sunday, as she made her way to the Malibu Country Mart with some friends.

It's significant because it's the FIRST TIME the 48-year-old mom-of-two has shown off her adorable son in public.

The move comes amid recent reports she and French hubby Olivier Martinez are having marital trouble. "The whole family was supposed to go on a make-or-break holiday, but that fell apart because neither Olivier nor Halle wanted to make it happen. They have drifted apart and only get together for the sake of Maceo. They’re just delaying the inevitable - announcing their split," a source reportedly told OK Magazine.

Berry just celebrated her birthday last Thursday and strangely, no photos emerged of a happy couple enjoying a romantic meal in Beverly Hills -- no luxe vacation in the Caribbean, no sign of Olivier jewelry shopping ahead of the big day. So what gives? Is Halle on her way to becoming a single mom?