He may be gorgeous and talented, but James Franco has a majorly bad attitude! And not only that, but we still think the whole story about the 36-year-old actor trying to seduce a teenage girl via Instagram is a bit creepy...

James arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday with a mystery blonde woman, and when asked who she is, Franco totally mouthed off to photographers. "Guys, I can't hear you, so just shut the f*ck up," he said. When asked again, Franco got even more agitated and sputtered, "Go get an education, dumb a**! F*ck off!"

While it didn't seem like James wanted anything to do with the girl when photogs were around (blame it on her roots or terrible acrylic nails?), she is quite pretty and she appeared to be touching James before he went through security. Still, the blonde's friend insisted that they weren't with James when we caught up with them a few minutes later.

Shady ... but this is James Franco we're talking about here.