He thought no one was watching, but he was wrong!

Bruce Jenner turned 65-years-old yesterday, and the former Olympian seems to be more comfortable expressing his true self as he ages. In fact, we caught Kendall and Kylie's dad pulled over on the side of Pacific Coast Highway Tuesday afternoon, painting his fingernails bright pink before lighting up a cigarette!

After witnessing this, we think the rumors he's transitioning into a woman are true! Just this morning, Brucey's nails were au naturel as he grabbed coffee at Starbucks in Malibu, so he can't claim that the "man"icure was for an artsy photoshoot or something of the sort.

Our photographer tells us:
    "Bruce pulled over casually and started doing something, kind of hiding and bending over in his car. When he looked up again, he was lighting a cigarette and his nails were pink. It was so strange; then he just started up the car and drove off, puffing away."

The reality star underwent a tracheal shave, typically a gender reassignment procedure, earlier this year. He has also grown out his hair and nails and appears to have an increasingly feminine chest. His estranged wife Kris addressed the sex change chatter just last week, telling ET, "It's silly. They've been saying that since the '70s. They've been saying that since 1976. For me, that's not my experience with Bruce. He's a great guy. I love him. I don't know what he's going through right now. I think he's just very happy and I think every time he makes a change in his life -- whether it's emotional or physical or whatever he's doing -- somebody's going to comment on whatever look you have going on for the day." That doesn't exactly sound like a denial…

Watch out Kimmy K, there's a new diva in the family!