She's upset about her nude photo hack but Jennifer Lawrence is practically giving it away now!

Chris Martin's girlfriend turned up to a photo shoot at L.A.'s Milk Studios in a cut-off, white tee and NO BRA, y'all. First she poses topless in Vanity Fair and bitches about how scandalous and unfair it is that nude images of her are still circulating out there in the Internet ether -- invading her privacy and sexually assaulting her and now she's just strolling around town in a Kim K-inspired crop-top with her nipples shining like headlights on full beam!

Is she being hypocritical or just standing up for her rights? Well, as of Wednesday, 55% of you say she has the right to protect her personal photos, while 45% say "If you don't want 'em out there, don't take 'em!"