She's alive! Kesha has surfaced for the first time since she went into hiding following the allegations that her music producer Dr. Luke sexually abused her. We haven't seen hide nor hair of her since the whole thing went down last month -- but we are glad to see that the singer is looking healthy.

Despite her floppy hat disguise, our photogs caught the blonde beauty, who donned a frilly white blouse and black miniskirt, as she was making her way out of LAX to Nashville. According to her Instagram, the "Blow" singer was in Las Vegas yesterday.

It seems as though the "Tik Tok" singer is staying strong. She broke her Twitter silence last week to thank fans for their support, "i’ve seen ALL of the love and I appreciate every tweet, comment. everything. each live in my heart!!"

On October 14, the 27-year-old made shocking claims against the famed music producer, accusing him of sexual assault and battery in a lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the unruly singer alleged that the super producer was abusive to her from when she signed on with him at the age of 18. The 27-year-oid claimed that he repeatedly made sexual advances toward her, forcing her to use drugs and alcohol to render her defenseless.The lawsuit also alleges that Dr. Luke forced Kesha to snort something before getting on a plane and then during the trip, he forced himself upon her while she was drugged.

Two weeks later, the producer countered by filing a lawsuit against Kesha's mother in New York and has called the singer's claims defamatory and an attempt to extort him into a better record deal.