Pucker up!

While cruising around Malibu on Tuesday afternoon, Bruce Jenner gave us a peek at his VERY plump pout. And not only that, but his lips appeared shiny and red in spots -- did the reality TV dad go get his lips done?! It certainly looks that way.

Seeing as Bruce reportedly had surgery to get his Adam's apple shaved down, he's not shy about getting a little bit of nip/tuck, but trying to keep up with Khloe, Kim and Kylie's mouths isn't really the best look for the former Olympian. And seeing as this happened right after Kim Kardashian's interview with Entertainment Tonight, in which she said she supported him on his "journey," it seems like there will be even more changes in the future!

Shortly after Bruce returned home, Kim stopped by her stepdad's Malibu pad to visit, and her lips looked suspiciously large as well! Did she get a twofer deal with Bruiser?! But a swollen mouth was the least of her concerns, as she was pulled over by a motorcycle cop several hours later. Eyewitnesses say the bootilicious star was busted for making an illegal U-turn, but it's not clear whether she was actually ticketed.