Britney Spears had lunch with her dad ... we mean conservator ... we mean person who has taken care of all her decisions and been in control of her finances since January 2008. Yeah that guy.

The pop princess grabbed sushi with her pops at Honshu Sushi in Chatsworth, Calif. (wherever that is). We gotta wonder if Brit really wanted sushi or she just kind of had to do whatever Daddy Spears says? We have a feeling if BritBrit was left to her own devices she'd just be sitting around chowing down on corn dogs and methamphetamines all day. Good thing the 33-year-old is under Daddy dearest's watchful eye!

Maybe Jamie is getting his daughter into style rehab? We aren't gonna lie -- that outfit is ratchet! The mother of two wore some homely top, ill-fitting jeans and brown shoes for the outing. Just -- no.

The "Womanizer" singer's appearance here is a far cry from the sexy stills from her new lingerie ad that hit the web earlier this week. The "Toxic" lady took it all off (or most of it) for her new intimates collection. The 33-year-old pop star looks beyond amazing and beyond Photoshopped.

We wonder if Jamie had to approve of this image?!