It looks like he got a little nip/tuck!

Bruce Jenner went on his morning coffee run in Malibu yesterday, and the former Olympian tried his best to hide a facial scar on the side of his cheek under a hoodie. It almost looks like a bad face lift mark, but it could have been another procedure. After all, the Kardashian patriarch is going to have to go under the knife multiple times as he transitions into a woman.

An X17online photographer told us:
    "Bruce was going about his daily routine, getting his early-morning coffee at Starbucks, but he looked a little disturbed. He was holding his head down and clearly trying to hide this new mark on his face."

He already had a tracheal shave, and it looks like he's had Botox and lip injections, so this is most likely the next step in his gender reassignment.

It will be interesting to see who ends up having the most plastic surgery - Kim, Kylie, or Bruce!