Oooh, Gwyneth Paltrow is NOT going to like this! And keep in mind, this was AFTER the two spent all day at the beach, with Kate parading her hot body around in a skimpy bikini.

On Saturday night Chris Martin and Kate Hudson had dinner in Malibu, and she brought along her sons Ryder and Bing while he brought along son Moses and daughter Apple. Chris was glued to Kate's side for most of the evening, and Apple held on to Bing like he was her little brother. Awww!

We're sure all of the kids have hung out before, and Chris and Kate have been friends for years, but we've never seen them like this before. From their body language to the fact that she was all dolled up, we can't help but wonder if something might be up with them! After all, Chris loves blondes and Kate has a thing for musicians ... AND they're both single!