Leonardo DiCaprio went shopping at Diesel in Malibu on Monday for new jeans, but in our opinion, what he really needs to buy is a razor! We know his bushy beard was for his role in the upcoming period piece The Revenant, but it seems like he's hung onto it after shooting wrapped.

Leo kept a low profile as he wandered around the store looking for pants, but by the time he left, both fans and photographers had camped outside. Leo did his usual duck and run as he headed to his car, but we were still able to get a quick peek at the 40-year-old actor. Even though he's kind of a party pooper when it comes to photos, we still love him!

We've known for quite some time that DiCaprio was renting his Malibu pad out, but as far as real estate news, it looks like he's going even bigger in the future! The five-time Oscar nominee plans to "create an eco-conscious resort" on Blackadore Caye, his private island in Belize, according to The New York Times. Leo and NYC developer Delos will be teaming up to run the hotel, which will open in 2018. The resort will feature 68 villas, infinity pools and the Times reports that Deepak Chopra will "spearhead a program focused on health and anti-aging" at the resort. Interesting!