Courtney Stodden and her "mumager" mom, Krista Keller, are on the outs -- and it appears as though Krista is trying to fill the giant, bombshell-sized hole in her heart left empty by her big-boobed progeny by adopting -- a 42-year-old man. What? Yeah -- a grown dude.

"Courtney and I are estranged," the 55-year-old told Us Weekly. "We're not speaking. It's not good."

The "orphan" in question is John Kerwin, who has a talk show on JLTV (for those of you who are unfamiliar with JLTV -- that's Jewish Life TV) and whose career is also being managed by Krista. Apparently, two two have have quite a special mother-son relationship -- so much so that Krista wants the 42-year-old to be in her family -- like for realsies.

"John's mother passed away four years ago. I feel like he's my son, he feels like I'm his mother," she says. "I can't say 'momager' anymore because of Kris Jenner, so we're going to be using 'mumager.' He's going to be my son!" We should note that the age difference between the two is only 13 years -- so it sounds more like a creepy May/December relationship than a maternal one if you ask us.

The TV host's own mother died four years ago and as a result has "felt so alone" ever since. Hey dude, get a dog -- not a new "mom."

The 55-year-old pumped up the creep factor even more when she said, "I totally love this person, and he loves me as his mother. I'm going to have the son I've never had before. I'm so excited. He's so funny."

We wonder how Court's going to feel about getting a new brother?

The mumager said, "[Courtney] totally really got upset with me about the timing when I stepped [down]... and I feel with this particular situation I am going to be so much more appreciated and so much more loved."

Looks like it's out for her ice-cream blowing daughter -- and in with a 42-year-old son!