You've got an admirer, Cait!

When we think of macho man Dolph Lundgren's ideal type, we picture a Playboy model or a body builder. Which is why we were taken aback when we caught up with him at LAX and asked about his opinion on Caitlyn Jenner.

"I used to see him on the Wheaties boxes when I was a kid. He looks hot. I'll put him in my next picture," he told our videographer. We're not sure if he means his next movie or if he's asking to a photoshoot with the former Olympian, but either way we love his response!

Now that Caitlyn has made her big debut, we are just waiting until she starts dating! We know she said it's the last thing on her mind right now, but she's gotten such a positive response from the public, we don't see her staying single forever!