This girl is on fire... in the media!

Ben Affleck's former nanny and alleged fling Christine Ouzounian knows that all eyes are on her since news broke that she and the actor have been secretly hooking up in the wake of his split from wife Jennifer Garner, so she got all glammed up before stepping out of her home in L.A. to take her new white convertible Lexus for a spin!

Rumor has it that the A-list actor had been footing the bill to the tune of $10K a week for the 28-year-old to hide out at the Bel Air hotel before renting her an expensive L.A. apartment, and now people are speculating that the Batman star purchased this pricey ride for her in an attempt to placate her and keep her from telling her story to a tabloid. "She bought a brand-new Lexus convertible with the money he gave her,” a source dished to In Touch. "Christine can’t afford a $50,000 car and a home that rents for $10,000 a month — she was making a nanny’s salary. You do the math," the source added.

We definitely think the Boston hunk is going to great lengths to keep the details of this relationship secret, but we can't help but notice that little tid bits keep leaking to different outlets. If all the gossip was going through one outlet, we would assume they were paying Ms. Ouzounian the big bucks and maybe she didn't need Ben to cough up the cash, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Our conclusion? This vixen is letting her friends blab and she's sitting back pretending to be inconvenienced by the whole thing while collecting a check from the Hollywood bad boy.

The Oscar winner is in for a rude awakening when he ends things with this chick and she exacts her revenge! There is nothing worse than a woman scorned with nothing to lose and everything to gain!