Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner don't exactly look like a couple on the verge of divorce!

The Hollywood power couple -- whose relationship is not only on the rocks but who have OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED they're going to divorce -- seemed peachy keen today during a meeting with their kids' pediatrician in Santa Monica. And guess where they'd just come from ... MARRIAGE COUNSELING!

Does the session signify a reconciliation??? Or are the two superstars just cordially co-parenting?

As soon as Affleck and Garner finished a two-hour session with the counselor, they headed to the kids' doctor for a meeting. As they emerged, the two were all smiles and appeared totally happy to be together. Our photographer on the scene tells us: "Ben was laughing as he left the office and Jen was smiling. It seemed like they had just shared a joke together. They didn't look at all like a couple that's separating ... or even fighting. They seemed totally fine."

Totally fine?! They're living together, doing marriage counseling, and both have smiles on their faces when they spend time together ... is it possible these two could call off the divorce?!