Uh oh! Another car crash for Caitlyn Jenner!

The reality star has another wrecked car as X17online learned today when we snapped pix of an assistant driving Cait's white Cadillac Escalade to a Woodland Hills body shop.

A source at the body shop tells X17online exclusively, that Caitlyn damaged the car when she hit a deer that jumped into the road as she was driving up to her home in the Malibu Hills just the other night.

The fender impact knocked the entire front piece of her car off and left it legally undrivable so an assistant brought it in to shop for immediate repair.

Of course Caitlyn, back when she was Bruce, suffered a horrible car accident on PCH that resulted in the death of another driver. He/She escaped manslaughter charges right as Caitlyn came out as a transgender woman.

Maybe it's time she hires a driver and quits getting behind the wheel? Seems like she has bad car karma!