Well she’s definitely candid! Jessica Biel dished on some pretty intimate subjects, like vibrators and vaginas, during her Reddit AMA with Saundra Pelletier for WomanCare Global's "Then Who Will" Campaign on Thursday.

Justin Timberlake’s wife was talking with Pelletier about women’s issues and the two couldn’t help but make jokes about what the two should talk about.

”We could go with your line, like vaginas are magical things. I like that," the 33-year-old said. "Or go with the line that vaginas are weird and scary, and like bleed for seven days, so they shouldn't be trusted!"

When asked, "What's something that got dramatically better over the years?" The former Seventh Heaven star quickly retorted, "Vibrators!"

It seems like these gals were enjoying having a laugh about some pretty intimate subjects!

But Biel did get serious at one point when asked what’s a good piece of advice for a mother to offer a daughter. The new mom said, ”All we have left really, truly in this world that we can control is our own integrity. I don't mean that like sexual integrity, I mean that as a human being. That goes back to what Saundra said — you choose. You choose how you live your life, what you deserve. Be good to yourself. Don't worry about all that other sh-t.”

Good advice!