Don't spread rumors about Breezy!

Chris Brown is slamming a recent TMZ report that claims he is addicted to sizzurp, and he certainly seems adamant about the fact that he's a good dad that doesn't have a substance abuse problem.

The site claims the "Loyal" crooner's friends and family are worried about his sizzurp consumption, as it has escalated over the past several weeks and they are fearful he could lose custody of daughter Royalty. In a pic he posted over the weekend, he is seen at the pumpkin patch with his little girl and some friends, and he has a "double cup" next to his feet. In case you didn't know, a double cup is the way people consume the codeine-based cocktail.

CB isn't going to take this lying down, though!

"Tmz is about to run a bogus story tomorrow becuz they aren't getting any traffic. They called my publicist about some bulls**t ass story. It's just sad. Now I'm letting y'all know it's bulls**t! I got a great album coming, having a great time being a father, and also staying out the way! Ima grown man and I live my life on my terms," he tweeted.

Purple drank is definitely a trend that should go away!