He's gone from airport beat downs to smiley video chat sessions!

Kanye West arrived back in LA over the weekend, and the rapper was in such a cheerful mood that he even took a moment to joke around with our videographer at LAX and film him while having a FaceTime convo with wife Kim Kardashian! Forgive us Yeezy, but don't you think Kimmy K already knows what an awaiting photographer looks like? Either way, we just love when KW lets his guard down!

The Louis Vuitton Don has really mellowed out and become less of a diva since becoming a dad, but based on his recently released concert rider, he still has quite particular taste. Yeezus insists on black towels, mint-flavored dental floss, specially shaped vases and Kashi Go Lean cereal while on tour, TMZ reports.

Mr. West certainly seems content these days, and why wouldn't he be?! He married his dream girl, his fashion collection is selling out, and he has a son on the way!