Well, it's not really *new* -- this is actually Rob Kardashian's old apartment!

On Tuesday Kris Jenner was snapped pulling through the security gate at her son's pad, and a source tells X17online the reality star, who has been in hiding for the last year and a half, recently moved back in to his old digs. Seeing as he was living at sister Khloe's house and seldom venturing out, it seems like this is a big improvement!

Rob hasn't been seen out much lately, but based on social media and various online reports, he has been hitting the gym and going on hikes with his family. Maybe Rob is getting ready to make his debut back on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

In September, Us Weekly reported that Rob had filmed scenes for the latest season of the show, but he wasn't in the premiere this weekend. Maybe he's popping up in a later episode? “[Rob]’s not getting paid if he doesn’t film," a source told the mag. "He has a $2 million-a-year contract. He realized he couldn’t give up this huge opportunity.”

And let's be honest -- why else would PMK reaaaally be visiting her son if it wasn't business related?