Are Kylie and Tyga walking down the aisle?!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga didn't just slam break-up rumors, they obliterated them last night when the 18-year-old told our photogs that she and her main man were getting married. Well that's a total 180 from all the splitrumors swirling about the Internet.

Last week, reports flew that Kylie had grown sick of Tyga's jealous ways after the two had a blow up regarding her friendship with Jaden Smith. Outlets were reporting that Ky was over his jealous nature and threw him to the curb.

But on Sunday night, the couple blasted rumors when they attended the American Music Awards after party hand in hand at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, Calif. When we asked the twosome if they were going to get married, Kylie was quick to say that they were. Huh? What?!

What do you get for the teenage bride who has everything?! We aren't sure you can gift wrap common sense ...