Madonna and ex-husband Sean Penn may not have been able to make things work, but there's no hard feelings. In fact, she's coming to his defense in a lawsuit against writer/producer Lee Daniels, who allegedly made a comment about Penn being abusive towards women.

Penn is suing Daniels for defamation to the tune of $10 million. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels reportedly suggested that Penn is abusive towards women while trying to defend Terrence Howard. Howard, who has faced allegations of domestic abuse against multiple women, previously admitted to having hit one of his exes. Not sure why Daniels felt it necessary to drag Penn's name into the mix, but clearly the actor is furious...

Madonna and Penn were married from 1985 to 1989, and there were rumors that the two had a few altercations during their relationship, but she insists it's not so. “I am aware of the allegations that have surfaced over the years accusing Sean of incidents of physical assault and abuse against me," the queen of pop said in court documents. "Specifically, I am aware of the allegations concerning an alleged incident that occurred in June, 1987, whereby (according to tabloid reports), Sean allegedly struck me with a ‘baseball bat.’ I know the allegations in those and other reports to be completely outrageous, reckless, and false."

“I am also aware of allegations concerning an incident that occurred in December, 1989, which purportedly resulted in Sean’s arrest for domestic assault and battery against me. I know those allegations to be false,” she continued. “While we certainly had more than one heated argument during our marriage, Sean has never struck me, ‘tied me up,’ or physically assaulted me, and any report to the contrary is completely outrageous, malicious, reckless, and false.”

And there you have it!