After getting suspended from play for four games on Tuesday, Clippers forward Blake Griffin came out of hiding last night in front of his home in Los Angeles, Calif.

And what brought him out of his Pacific Palisades compound? A little run to the mailbox! Maybe he needs his newest issue of Sports Illustrated?! Well what else does the b-ball star gonna do? He can't play basketball!

The Los Angeles Clippers player allegedly punched a team staff member on Jan. 23 in Toronto and has just been reprimanded by the team for last month's incident. The superstar's salary will be docked for five games and Griffin will lose $859,442 from his season salary of $18,907,725.

A team spokesman said his suspension will begin once Griffin is cleared to play. Due to his broken hand, the player is expected to be sidelined for four to six weeks.

There is no further punishment expected.