Yeezy is AWESOME! Kanye West has made a 180 from the days of his own paparazzi beat-downs at LAX; now he's breaking up fights, hugging it out with a photographer and giving full-on interviews as he makes his way through the airport! Talk about multi-tasking!

Kanye touched down in LA, on Friday, with a pack of paps waiting for him and as push came to shove and photographers started shoving each other to get the best position, West broke up the fight and made love, not war with the offending pap who through a punch at one of his fellow shooters.

Yeezy just went on about his business of letting our videographer ask questions and even schooled some of the guys on keeping quiet so they could hear his answers -- seriously! So our guy got a question in ... what does Kanye think about Kris saying Yeezy Tweets too much? He told us, "It's alright; I'll talk to her when I get home." Awww, mother-in-law love!