That's quite the declaration coming from the queen of using the media to her advantage!

Kris Jenner attended a luncheon at The Ivy in Santa Monica on Sunday, and she didn't mince words when we asked her about being on the verge of a split from boy toy Corey Gamble. "Where do you get these stories? It's all fake!" she shouted as she hopped into her pricey ride after her meal.

Rumors have been swirling that the momager's man wants a bigger paycheck for basically being her glorified house boy. "He’s sick of being pushed around and is speaking up for himself a lot more these days," a source dished to OK! magazine, noting that their relationship is "crumbling" and he's tired of being "Mr. Kris Jenner." Dude, you were nobody before being associated with the K clan!

"[Gamble] hit up his girlfriend for a huge pay raise and threatened to leave if he didn’t get his money. He has been babysitting Kris’ kids and even runs errands for her and acts as her official masseur. He figures what he is being paid is nowhere near enough," the source added.

She's probably just happy being with someone that she's confident won't turn into a woman!