The family feud is over now that there's a bun in the oven!

Kim Kardashian accompanied Rob and Blac Chyna to the OB-GYN office this morning, and it makes sense because all signs point to Chyna being pregnant!

Rumors have swirled for months that she's gunning to give birth to a Kardashian baby, and it seems she got her wish. We think we see a small baby bump, and they're going to the same doc that Kimmy K went to when she was preggo with Nori and Saint. We have a feeling the wedding is on hold for at least the next nine months!

The drama between ChyRo and the K clan has softened in recent weeks, after Kanye's wife brokered a peace summit between Kylie and Tyga's baby mama, but we'd guess that nobody is that thrilled about Chyna becoming a permanent part of the family.

Once she pops out a kid, there's no getting rid of her! Complicating matters is the fact she already has a son with Kylie's rapper beau, so Kylie will be both the aunt and the stepmother of this unborn baby. Yikes!

Ryan Seacrest is a genius! This is ratings gold!