Charlize may have ghosted on Sean Penn but it seems like she's haunting him at Cannes!

The not-so amicable exes had to reunite at the photocall for their upcoming film, The Last Face, during the Cannes Film Festival on Friday.

For the event on the croisette, Charlize donned a lacey cream dress and simple high-heeled sandals. Sean, who directed the film, opted for khakis, a black top and an army jacket. Oh and they both wore scowls.

The unhappy Oscar winner and her co-stars Javier Bardem, Adele Exarchopoulos, Zubin Cooper and Jared Harris also posed for pics with the former couple. I am sure everyone involved wants as many people between the unfriendly ex couple!

It seems as though it wasn't just their love that tanked -- the film has been panned by critics after it's debut at the French film fest.

On Friday, Sean said in an interview to the media, “I stand by the film as it is, and everyone is going to be entitled to their response. I’ve finished the film so it’s not a discussion I’d be of value to."

The movie tells the story of the director of an aid agency (Charlize), who looks back on her time as a doctor in war-torn Liberia. While there, the do-gooder falls in love with another doctor (Javier Bardem), but a terrible series of events force them apart. The film has been criticized for it's focus of two Westerners falling in love.

Sounds like Sean and Charlize's film is a stinker -- just like their relationship.