Kylie and Tyga broke up AGAIN! Is it for good this time?

You heard it here first -- Kylie Jenner is single and ready to mingle -- yet again! The 18-year-old reality star partied with her sisters and some pals at the Nice Guy on Saturday night.

Other than the teen flaunting her legs in an oversized sweatshirt, we also noticed that her boyfriend Tyga was absent from the night on the town, which we aren't surprised about because ... they totally broke up.

At last Monday's Met Gala, Kylie and Tyga walked the red carpet together. Our photogs on the scene said the constantly kissing couple kept their distance from each other at the glittering gala -- they didn't pose together, they walked the red carpet separately, they left separately and despite being at the same party and after party they didn't hang out with each other all night. HELLO ... THEY TOTALLY BROKE UP.

Our photog In New York said, "They're usually attached at the hip, but Tyga and Kylie were definitely icing each other out the at the Met Gala. They were intentionally avoiding each other all night."

To add fuel to the break up fire, we haven't been spotted them together since April 21 -- and while that might seem like a long time in grown-up time, that's a really long time in the PDA-obsessed couple's relationship. Kylie also hasn't posted anything with Tyga on Snapchat for over a week -- highly suspect.

Perhaps Ky getting close with Tyga's ex is causing a rift between the gruesome twosome? We can only hope ... Kylie can do soooooooo much better!