Tracy Morgan and Amanda Seyfried have some adorable new co-stars!

The actors were spotted taking a break from filming their new movie, The Clapper, in Los Angeles. The stars seemed like they enjoyed their down time by petting a pig (with an eye patch) and a dachsund (with a walker). OHMYGOD TOO CUTE!

Morgan and Seyfried star opposite Ed Helms in writer/director Dito Montiel’s new comedy, which has just begun filming.

The Clapper is about a man a professional clapper for infomercials (Ed Helms), who gets picked by a late night talk show host to be on his TV show. Morgan will play Helms’ best friend Chris Plork, a devoted confidante.

Morgan, who was involved in a near-death accident on June 7th, 2014, is getting back into his comedy career. The fromer 30 Rock star is embarking on his new stand up tour, Picking Up the Pieces, in June. The Clapper's production will be supposedly working around his schedule.