It's hard out there for skinny Kim Kardashian!

While the reality star finally hit her goal weight of 125 pounds, Kimmy K experienced one big downside to her weight loss -- her chokers don't fit any more!

In a Snapchat video that Kim posted, she plays with her choker and says with what we hope is faux concern, “Guys, we’re having real problems here. See my choker? Look how big it is! My neck even lost weight. Is that wild or what?”

That's right Kimmy -- this is a real problem. Donald Trump may become president, there are non mass shootings around the world and and ISIS is still a threat -- but those all pale in comparison to your too-big choker problem.

Meanwhile, Kimbo is trying an unusual beauty routine -- cupping. And of course she's sharing about it on social media, because according to Kim, "If she doesn't share it, it doesn't exist."

Kim's clearly been watching the Rio Summer Games and noticed that the Olympic swimmers are covered in cupping marks and wants to get in on the ancient trend (Yep that's an oxymoron). For those of you not in the know: cupping is an ancient Chinese myofascial decompression therapy.