She's flying high!

Caitlyn Jenner, who is aiming for her commercial's pilot license, was getting some hours in on a single-engine propeller plane over the weekend. Wow! She's one brave lady!

On Sunday, The high-flying reality star flew her plane out of Camarillo (we hope she stopped by the outlet malls!) to Lake Tahoe and back, logging six hours towards her certification.

A source tells X17online exclusively, "Caitlyn wants this to be her next gig. She's exhausted the reality show thing for now, so she wants to follow her passion and become a pilot."

Even during a solo flight, Caitlyn is showing some skin, highlighting her shoulders in an off-the-shoulder top. She's so on trend!

Getting a commercial's pilot license means she wants to get paid to fly people around. So this move isn't to fly friends and family around, she wants people to give her cash money for a ride.

Since her show I Am Cait got cancelled it seems she's decided to try on a pilot's hat instead. Does this mean that one day she'll be helming a Delta plane?! Based on her history of driving cars, maybe Cait should choose a profession other than flying the friendly skies ...