We're told there's a real reason NONE of the Kardashians, other than Kim, have been to visit Kanye in the hospital and apparently it's pretty serious!

A source tells X17online, "The whole family's pissed at Kanye and they have been for a while. This all started before he had his breakdown, before he was hospitalized. I'm not sure if it's just his erratic behavior the past few months or what, but they all have a beef with him."

Think about it -- the entire family rushed to Lamar's side when he overdosed at a Nevada brothel -- what Kanye's going through seems way less "embarrassing" to the family, way more forgivable and much less his fault. So why wouldn't they all rally around him in support of his recovery? Apparently they're pissed about something!

We're also told he's not outta the woods on having to make good on the rest of his Saint Pablo tour dates. We're told he'll go BACK on the road after the new year, as soon as he's healthy enough to tour again. "Kanye's still not off the hook for the rest of those concert dates that were cancelled. They had to refund tickets, so the company wants Kanye to add dates to make the money back."

Well, his concert promoter is Live Nation and Kanye's on the Def Jam label, which is Jay Z and Jay Z has a $150M deal with Live Nation ... so guess who's signing Kanye's paychecks? Yep! And guess who Kanye resents more than anyone in the world? Yep! Perhaps after digging into Jay and Beyonce in his on-stage rants, Mr. Carter doesn't want to let this go ...