Kim Kardashian and Kanye West let go their longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier within days after the robbery of the reality star, according to an X17online source. Reason? - Kim now needs armed security after the life-threatening scare. It was a month ago today that KK was held at gunpoint in her Paris apartment and robbed of $10 million in jewelry.

A source tells us: "It was nothing personal; Pascal was just reassigned to another client by his parent company. He doesn't carry a gun, so Kim needed someone else to take over her security staff, to make sure all the bodyguards have gun permits."

E! Entertainment agreed to pay for the new staffing -- but the bills are racking up! Round-the-clock armed security for Wests is costing the network an arm and a leg and the show's producers are warning the family it won't go on forever: "The price of having these people constantly following Kanye around, sitting outside in a car while he's in a meeting, escorting Nori to the park -- it's insanely expensive. It's not going to last," our source tells us.

Still, despite the claim Duvier's firing wasn't personal, it certainly is curious that the Swiss bodyguard had filed for bankruptcy right before the robbery, due to the fact his company, ProtectSecurity, had racked up debts totaling around $1,226,205.

The 43-year-old first started working with West in 2012 and then later with Kardashian in 2013.