She's slowly creeping back into the spotlight...

Kim Kardashian quietly attended Kendall's 21st birthday with Kanye last night at Delilah's in West Hollywood, and we have a feeling she's trying to have these low-key "spottings" get written about before she's fully back on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kimmy K is definitely returning to the family reality show despite her Paris robbery, thanks to a fat payday!

"It wasn’t clear to the rest of Kim’s sisters how much of an impact Kim really has until she was gone. Their personal apps are plummeting and paparazzi on the entire family is half of what it was prior to Kim’s robbery. Everyone in the family has been aware of the fact that if Kim did not return, their show would be done after this season. So Kris had no other choice than to offer Kim a deal that she could not refuse," a source dished to Radar.

So how much dough are they throwing at her to keep the hit E! program alive?

"Kim is getting a $20 million bonus to return and she is also getting more control over the show in terms of production and direction. In addition, Kim insisted that she get her own camera crew instead of sharing one with her other family members, as well as her own team of personal security to make sure that she is safe. Kim knows her value now more than ever and she loves her fans," the source added.

This is all so calculated, in true K clan fashion!