Sean Penn has done a hell of a lot for Haiti, and while there is always a pretty strong turnout at his annual Help Haiti Home gala, apparently he thinks his rich and famous guests could be doing more when it comes to donations!

“There are a few extraordinary people that come, but then you have a room that is full mostly of people that are not giving anything," he griped to Haute Living. “They eat, stargaze and watch the band but, honestly, I don’t think there’s a person in that room that can’t afford $25. I always wonder about that.” This year Penn and friends raised $6 million at the event, which benefits his J/P Haitian Relief Organization (HRO), which was founded in 2010, following the disastrous earthquake that ravaged the island.

J/P HRO was initially comprised of 32 Americans, but now the organization has expanded to nearly 200 members, most of whom are Haitian. The goal is to transfer the previously-built medical, educational and community development centers entirely to the Haitian people, reports People. Penn and J/P HRO recently announced their partnership with Haiti Takes Root, a 10-year, $300 million initiative between the Haitian and French governments, along with The Parker Foundation.