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So the rumors are true!

Jennifer Lopez and Drake are either playing the biggest prank ever, or they just confirmed what everyone already knows... they're dating! The pair both posted the same cozy Instagram photo on their accounts, and they certainly seem to have the look of love. In an interesting twist, the rapper's ex Rihanna unfollowed Jenny from the Block on social media. Let the cat fight begin!

The pair had been collaborating on music together before their friendship blossomed into love, but they're totally each other's types so it didn't take long to turn romantic. Let's hope Drizzy is ready for a serious relationship, because we all know Miss Lopez is into long term commitment.

We think it's great that she's finally seeing someone on her level. The last time we felt she was with someone that was her equal was when she was engaged to Ben Affleck, and that was a million years ago.

Talk about a hot "It" couple!