Draylo is totally ON!

Jennifer Lopez and Drake's budding relationship is already getting serious, and the couple "are the real deal," according to Us Weekly.

"They’ve gotten very close fast. [Lopez] gets really excited to see him," a source dished to the mag. "He’s not only a sexy guy, but it’s great for her image to be dating the hottest rapper in the game," the source added.

So what drew them to each other?

“They listen to music and talk a lot. They’re both single, attractive and have a lot in common, so it’s natural. They really like each other," the source revealed.

Jenny from the Block seems to have met her match with Drizzy, too.

“Drake is the first man, other than Marc Anthony, who takes charge in the relationship. She loves how confident and self assured Drake is around her. Most men, including Casper, feel intimidated by her and she ends up being the Alpha in the relationship," another source dished to Hollywood Life.

“Drake makes Jennifer feel cherished and safe and secure. He makes her feel like a real woman. It’s refreshing for J.Lo to be with someone who isn’t afraid to call the shots, considering she’s usually the one who ends up being the dominant one in the relationship," the source added.

They both tend to move quickly, so we wouldn't rule out a wedding in 2017!