Holy sh*t!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went to visit Beyonce and Jay Z and X17online has the EXCLUSIVE pix and info on the power couple summit!

In keeping with her low-profile, low-glam style as of late, Kim wore a hideous lumberjack plaid button-down with chubby sweatpants but she's not tricking us -- check out what she's got underneath. She's wearing a choker, a lace-trimmed silk camisole and lace-up ankle boots ... so why the workman's shirt and track pants? She's hiding an ON POINT outfit underneath her yucky lounge clothes so that when she gets in the car she can strip down to her sexy look. But why?

Because Kim and Kanye were on their way to see the King and Queen -- Bey and Jay. Bey and Jay!!!!!! These are the people that supposedly set Kanye off on his downward spiral! The people who make him insanely jealous. The people who control his paycheck.

Kanye was at his office and left to pick up Kim at the KUWTK studio. They jumped in the Rover together and rolled to Holmby Hills. We're SURE Kim yanked off her ugly shirt and pants and primped in the tiny car mirror. What the HELL were they going to talk about with Beyonce and Jay Z? We assume Jay's checking in on his investment ... he needs Kanye to be sane and Kanye's marriage to Kim to be stable.

But remember that RANT?!

UPDATE! - Kim and Kanye went to celebrate the 5th birthday of Blue Ivy, Bey and Jay's daughter. Curious that Nori didn't come along, but last night must have been the "adult" party for the little tyke.