That was quick!

Harrison Ford almost crashed into a Boeing 737 after he "completely misjudged the runway" at John Wayne airport in Orange County on Tuesday, but the actor climbed back into the pilot's seat in a Cessina Citation today at the Santa Monica airport. The A-lister clearly isn't too concerned that the FAA has launched an investigation into the incident!

The Air Force One star is an avid pilot, but his skills are slightly questionable. Back in 2015, he crashed a World War II-era plane into the Penmar golf course in Santa Monica and sustained head injuries and a broken arm. The 74-year-old also crash-landed a helicopter in 1999 and was forced to perform an emergency landing the following year in a Beechcraft Bonanza at Nebraska's Lincoln Municipal Airport, too.

When our videographer asked the action star how he was doing this morning, he gave us a grin and a laugh. Guess he's not too shaken up!