Even famous people need guidance!

Kim and Kanye, along with Kendall, headed to USC today for motivational speaker Tony Robbins' "Unleash The Power Within" all-day seminar, and the topic for this afternoon is "Turning Fear Into Power." Perhaps Kimmy K is taking notes so she can get over her traumatic Paris robbery?

"Imagine that fear was no longer a factor in your life. What would you do, change, or accomplish? People who achieve their ultimate visions share one fundamental power: transforming fear into a catalyst for action. Learn the secret to real results that Tony’s used to transform millions of lives. Overcome the unconscious fears that are holding you back. Storm across a bed of hot coals. Once you start doing what you thought was impossible, you’ll conquer the other fires of your life with ease," Robbins' website explains.

The reality star and her rapper hubby have had their fair share of difficult events in recent months, and although they strained their marriage, the couple managed to make it out on the other side.

"They dealt with individual issues that affected the family dynamic. In the end, it seems it has made them both stronger. [Kimye] is much more low-key and not in the spotlight like before. They both feel like they are better people and that it has changed their family for the better. They don’t have any desire to go back to how things were," a source recently dished to People.

It would do this whole family some good to get over their fear of losing the spotlight!