Kind of!

Jake Paul dropped by Petco with some of his Team 10 members yesterday to pick up some pet supplies, and at first we thought he was showing off her his new pooch to random women in the parking lot, but then we realized what was going on.

In a weird turn of events, Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy's mom happened to be there at the same time, and asked the YouTube star to pose for a pic with her own furry friend.

Not to worry, though! The former Disney star took to Instagram today to introduce his new four legged son.

"Jake Paulers, let's welcome APOLLO to our lives❤️ my boy is a beast!! He's named after the Greek God Apollo... who is the god of the sun, creativity, & light.. I named him Apollo as a constant reminder of being creative & having a positive light & STRAIGHT UP BEING A GOD!! currently learning how to be a dad😂 can we get him to 1 million followers in a day? @apollothek9 <-- let's go!!" he captioned the adorable snapshot.

Let's hope he can be a responsible parent!

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