She's sick of everyone's opinions.

Jennifer Aniston has endured endless bullying in the press for decades, and she still doesn't see an end in sight. The actress, however, has learned to come to terms with it and not give it much power.

“I don’t think it’s getting much better. I think the problem is the tabloids and the gossip columns taking the human body and putting it in a category. They’re either fat-shaming, or body-shaming, or childless-shaming. I have worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad, childless human,” she recently told Vogue.

She's genuinely confused about the fascination with her personal life and individual choices.

"It’s a weird obsession that people have and I don’t understand exactly why they need to take people who are out there to entertain you, and rip them apart and bully them? I couldn’t hear this narrative anymore about being pregnant or not pregnant; you have no idea what is going on personally in our lives and why that is or is not happening and it feels … In my own brain, I’ve shifted my perspective, so who gives a s—?!” she continued.

Same goes for all that body shaming!

"If you’re going to walk out and have your nipples showing, or your belly is a little bloated, or you’re not at the weight you want to be — you are perfect no matter what you are and no matter where you are and who cares!” she added.

It's time to leave this woman alone!