It's our favorite couple back together! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a run-in at the Zoe Conference Saturday in LA -- as both attended the religious gathering along with other Hollywood A-listers and celebrity ministers.

Bieber was accompanied by his right-hand man pastor Carl Lentz and Selena was escorted by her personal assistant.

It's crazy, because these two have made every effort not to run into each other the past few years, particularly after Selena sought treatment for depression which was said to have been brought on by her difficult breakup from Bieber. And after the Biebs mocked Selena's new boyfriend The Weeknd and his music, the tension has been high. Seems Justin's clearly jealous and hasn't gotten over his first love, while Selena may prefer not to see JB face-to-face because ... perhaps she doesn't trust herself and is worried about succumbing to Bieber fever!

Still, both attended the Zoe Conference religious revival yesterday -- Selena taking part in Day 2 of the event after she knew full well Bieber attended the first day and would be there again. So was the run-in intentional on her part? Maybe Selena and The Weeknd are cooling off and Gomez could be attracted to Bieber's spiritual awakening that led him to cancel the remaining dates of his Purpose tour. Could a reunion be in the works???