We guess she realized it was more than a fling with the supermodel!

Blake Griffin's baby mama and former fiancee Brynn Cameron moved out of their shared Pacific Palisades mansion today, and we caught the sad scene as movers toted tons of clothing and children's toys into waiting trucks. The two reportedly called it quits in July, just weeks before he began romancing Kim K's little sis, but skeptics think the hot hookup actually led to the breakup.

A source tells X17:
    "Both Brynn and Blake have been staying at rented places since their breakup happened. It seemed like they wanted to give it time for the dust to settle before disrupting the kids with a big move. That said, Brynn feels totally betrayed and mortified that Blake has chosen to be so public with Kendall, and she just wants this whole mess to be over. He's in Clippers training camp now, so she figured it was the perfect time to do it."

The Vogue cover girl and the NBA star are trying to take things slow, but things are getting more serious by the day.

"Blake has basketball season to focus on, and Kendall obviously has a bunch of modeling commitments coming up, but they both complain about missing each other when they're away. Whenever Kendall is out with friends, she seems so distracted because she's texting with Blake the whole time. Both of their biggest concerns is their relationship overshadowing their careers, so they're trying to keep things low key and behind closed doors for the time being," another source tells us.

Let's hope Kendall doesn't pull a Kylie and forget to take her birth control!